Zia (Sunset)
Zia by far has the best view of the sunset on Kos. Offering panoramic views across the whole of the north coastline of Kos this is the place to be as the sun slowly slips behind the island of Kalymnos.

There is also a great selection of restaurants in the village of Zia, many of which have rooftop terraces enabling you to take in the glorious view whilst feasting on traditional Greek dishes. Despite being a popular tourist spot, local transport to the village is poor and there is no way of getting up there in the evening unless you hire a car.

So, if you would like a relaxing evening a stunning view whilst enjoying a great meal, let us do the driving so you can enjoy a lovely glass of chilled wine or beer as you enjoy the sunset. As an extra service we will also reserve you a table at the restaurant of your choice – ensuring your whole evening runs smoothly.
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Enjoy being in this town with panoramic views across all of Kos northern shoreline as the sun slowly sets behind Kalimnos Island.

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