Kos Island Guide

Discover the beauty of the island of Kos.

About Kos Island (İstanköy)

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Kos Island, also known as Kos Island, which is one of the 12 islands, is only 8 nautical miles away from the Bodrum Peninsula. The magnificent historical monuments of the Ottoman, Byzantine and Venetian periods await their guests with all their splendor. In addition to its historical monuments, Kos is a modern touristic center with many spectacular hotels, restaurants, beaches and nightlife.

The world-famous Hippocrates Tree, located in the center of Kos Island, is one of the most important symbols of the island. Considered the ancestor of doctors in mythological ages, Hippocrates has shown that human therapy can be achieved through education and established a medical center called Asklepion. Nowadays, doctors come to Kos Island to take the Hippocratic oath.

The history of Kos Island dates back to 3500 years. The city of Kos has lived its most brilliant years in the Hellenistic period in 300 BC. Conquered by Alexander the Great in 336, Kos was later dominated by the Roman Empire. Kos Island has been the most famous wine and textile center of this period.

Kos, under the hegemony of the Knights of St. John in 1315, joined the Ottoman sovereignty in 1523 with the other islands. Kos, who remained under Ottoman rule for a long time, joined Greece after the First World War.