Greek Nights (Taverna)
Fuel your appetite with a night-time activity of Kos and enjoy the beautiful sunset from Zia before experiencing Greek food together with Greek music and dancing show. Taking place at a typical tavern in the Zia, it's the perfect way to finish your night out in Kos!

Your evening tour commences with a relaxing panoramic drive through Kos, which you will enjoy the fantastic view over Marmari and Tigaki as the sun sets over the sea.

Continue to a traditional Greek tavern, with a fantastic panoramic view, for dinner. As you dine on Greek dishes, a Greek dance show is performed for your entertainment.

After dinner you are invited to join the fun and try your hand at Greek dancing. The performers will be there to instruct and guide you, but most of all ensure you have fun!

At the end of the evening you will return to your hotel with memories of a fun night out in Kos.
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Join us on a great evening in the mountain village of Zia. Wine, dine & dance with a full night of entertainment. Let the Greek dancers show you how it’s done, it’s up to you if you want to join then or just sit and watch others trying to keep in time with the music.

  • Tour Days: Every Day
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