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Dalyan is a small town on the southwest coast of Turkey by the side of the Mediterranean. The town of Dalyan is situated center of the Dalyan Delta. Iztuzu beach is the most important place to produce of the Caretta Caretta. An amazing ancient city Caunos, Rock Tombs and Mud Baths are in Dalyan.

Dalyan, which is bound to the Ortaca district of Mugla, is a peaceful holiday town. Dalyan is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, with its virgin nature, immaculate sea, and historical texture.

It is located on the channel which connects Koycegiz Lake with the Mediterranean. Dalyan between Fethiye and Marmaris is literally an oxygen store with lush forests.

Dalyan, where about five thousand people live in the winter months, is a place that preserves every calm even if the population increases in summer. Although known as the Aegean Region, Dalyan is located in the Mediterranean region as a geographical location.

Dalyan is protected against the winds because it is surrounded by mountains and the typical Mediterranean climate is dominant. The summers are warm and dry while winter months are warm and rainy. You can go to the sea in April from April to November in Dalyan, one of the borders where the sea season is opened early. Dalyan has taken its name from Dalyan on the Dalyan Stream. Dalyan means fish trap. The area is an old fishing village.

Despite the availability of fertile agricultural land, tourism has become Dalyan’s most important source of income. Iztuzu Beach which is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature, Kaunos Ancient City famous for its royal tombs, healing waters and mud baths, Dalyan is more than ready to meet your expectation.

Dalyan, where green and blue meet, is located not only in the spring and summer months but also in winter months with its calmness and escape points from the best city. For traffic, business stress and crowds, Dalyan welcome those who want to listen to the year-round and find peace with nature.
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